"In the Zone"
Exercising with Holosync...

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I've just created a totally new Holosync soundtrack -- for exercising. It's called "In the Zone -- Exercising with Holosync" and it's only $19.95 including shipping! (for US orders--for International orders, click here).

You probably know that exercise is REALLY good for you.

And, you probably don't like to do it. But what if exercising was easy?

When you get "in the zone" --the flow state Olympic athletes aim for (which is what you'll experience with this new Holosync soundtrack) . . .

. . . exercising is easy!

Instead of saying, "God, this is hard," you'll say, "Wow, I didn't know this could be so easy." If it's easy, you'll do it, and you'll be more likely to get the remarkable benefits.

And, there are several newly-discovered (and quite remarkable) benefits to exercising, beyond those you already know about. Exercise is much more than just a weight loss method, or a way to get in shape.

Here's what psychologist Megan Oaten and
biologist Ken Cheng found in a recent study:

  • Improvements in attention and the ability to ignore distractions . . .
  • Reduced smoking, drinking, and caffeine intake (without even intending to) . . .
  • Less junk food, more healthy eating . . .
  • Fewer impulse purchases, better spending decisions . . .
  • Significant reductions in stress . . .
  • Dramatic improvements in depression . . .
  • Significant increases in brain gray matter and processing speed . . .

This is in addition to all the benefits you already know about, such as living longer, looking better, losing weight, and protecting your heart!

Imagine a very special Holosync soundtrack that makes regular exercising more fun, a lot easier, and significantly more effective than ever before.

How can Holosync do this for you? By putting you "in the zone," where everything is smooth and effortless.

Well, you don't have to imagine it,
because I've just created it for you.

This very special Holosync soundtrack gently puts you in the exact brain waves of the flow state known as "the zone" -- and keeps you there.

  • The zone is the often elusive, yet highly sought after state where everything seems to effortlessly go right...
  • It's the state every elite athlete strives to achieve during the big game, match, or race...
  • It's the state in which seemingly superhuman feats become simple and easy to accomplish...

And now, it's the state you can enjoy at the touch of a button. Just put it on your phone or iPod and you're ready to go.

You'll find yourself looking forward
to even the most mundane of workouts.

Whether hitting the treadmill, elliptical trainer or other exercise equipment, or simply going for a walk or run, you'll find it much easier and more effective while listening to "In the Zone."

And if you're a golfer (whether pro or once-in-a-while duffer), wait until you experience "In the Zone" on the golf course.

Two people I know shaved 2-3 strokes
off their game the first time they used it.

I also gave a test copy to my neighbor, an avid tennis player -- with a set of the new SleepPhones we just started offering. (Though designed for sleep listening, these "headphones-in-a-headband" make listening while exercising much easier.)

She said her level of focus and concentration was so high it seemed like she was already where the ball was going before her opponent even hit it.

I started working on a Holosync-for- exercising soundtrack a few months ago. It took a while, but I finally found the exact frequency to produce the state of super-high focus and concentration I was looking for.

I think you'll be impressed.

Look. Whether you already exercise and wouldn't mind making it more fun (and easier), or you don't yet exercise but know you should)... really need to try "In the Zone!"

And to make it ridiculously easy to do so, I'll ship it to you for only $19.95--INCLUDING SHIPPING (for US orders--for International orders, click here).

Plus, get it now and you can add a pair of SleepPhones (headphones-in-a-headband) which are normally $39.95--for only $31.95 (plus shipping).

But this special introductory deal won't last long, so you've got to hurry to get "In the Zone" for such a low price.

Be well.

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Centerpointe Research Institute

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